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Proactive Eye Care

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Be proactive with your eye health and schedule your comprehensive eye exam with Carolina Cornea today. Our comprehensive eye exams not only evaluate how well you see but help identify eye care problems and diseases early on. Many serious eye conditions have almost no early warning signs and can result in severe vision loss. Regular eye examinations and early detection are essential to maintaining the overall health of your eyes for years to come. Dr. Parker’s thorough eye exams will give you peace of mind knowing your eyes are taken care of. As a bonus, if you need LASIK or cataract eye surgery, you won’t have to find another provider because Dr. Parker is one of Greenville’s leading cornea specialists offering both surgical solutions right here in the Upstate!

The Perfect Fit

After your eye exam, Dr. Parker may prescribe glasses or contacts to improve your vision. Our qualified opticians can help you choose the optical frames or sunglasses that not only complement your face and are comfortable, but also provide optimal visual benefit for your prescription. From selecting and adjusting your frames to ordering contact lenses and instructing you on their use, our opticians can help you choose the glasses or contacts that best fit you and your needs. Come visit our full-service optical shop for all your glasses and contacts needs.

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Keeping an “Eye” on Your Eyes

Dr. Parker is dedicated to providing the latest technology and uncompromising care for your eyes. During your eye exam, Dr. Parker will utilize our in-house technology to thoroughly evaluate your eyes and vision while personalizing each exam to meet the patient’s unique eye care needs. Dr. Parker leaves no stone unturned as she uses a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge eye care technology. From examination to diagnosis and treatment, our array of tools help cut through the clutter and focus on the best possible care for our patients.

General eye exams are paramount in preventative eye care. Many vision issues can go undetected with no noticeable symptoms; at Carolina Cornea, we understand the importance of early diagnosis and treatment to prevent vision loss and improve your overall eye health.

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Be Proactive with Your Eyes:

When it comes to the future of your eyes and vision, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

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