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All About LASIK

A Clear Future For Your Vision

What is LASIK?

LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) is a laser procedure to correct poor vision in order to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Common vision conditions corrected with LASIK surgery are myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. During the LASIK procedure, the eye surgeon creates a flap in the cornea and then uses a laser to reshape the cornea and correct the refractive error in the eye. The procedure takes about 20 minutes to do both eyes, and many patients have 20/20 vision by the next day.

Am I eligible for LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery has helped millions of people around the world improve their vision. Generally speaking, most healthy people who suffer from poor vision are good candidates for LASIK. The easiest way to determine whether LASIK is right for you is to schedule an appointment at our Greenville, SC office. Dr. Parker will assess your eye health and help you find the right procedures to correct your vision.

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LASIK Surgery Provider

When choosing your LASIK provider, look no further than Greenville’s very own Carolina Cornea and Laser Center. Our new state-of-the-art facility outfitted with innovative equipment and a dedicated laser suite equipped with wavefront software prove how invested we are in providing the very best care for our patients. Carolina Cornea is a physician owned practice focusing on what is best for each patient rather than being accountable to investors or the finances of a hospital system.

Fellowship-trained cornea specialist Dr. Parker has performed more than 10,000 LASIK procedures. Because she adheres to the principle that a LASIK surgeon should participate in all phases of the LASIK procedure, Dr. Parker oversees patient care from preoperative evaluations to surgical procedures and post-operative care. Having Dr. Parker involved in every step of the process ensures each patient has the highest quality experience and results.

Dr. Parker is an anterior segment surgeon and corneal specialist trained by one of the leading academic ophthalmic institutions – Wills Eye Hospital. In 2021, Carolina Cornea moved to a new office fully equipped with a laser room to offer patients the best LASIK technology and care. Our practice not only utilizes an  iFS® Advanced Femtosecond Laser but also integrates wavefront-guided technology in each LASIK procedure. Plus, Carolina Cornea and Laser Center is not part of a hospital or multi-specialty group meaning a more personalized patient experience with familiar faces at each visit.

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See to What LASIK Patients are Saying

After researching several offices, I found that Dr. Parker was the most knowledgeable and well qualified for LASIK surgery. Seven years later I still have fantastic vision, and I still receive the same personalized care from Dr. Parker. LASIK was a great choice!

Meghan M.LASIK Patient

I appreciate and highly recommend Dr. Parker for her professionalism and expertise in eye care.

Vic S.LASIK Patient

Dr. Anne Parker and her staff do an extremely thorough preparation and examination beforehand. Dr. Parker personally reviews every detail for accuracy and consistency.

Rove H.LASIK Patient

Carolina Cornea is the most professional eye care center in the world. Dr. Parker has the very latest equipment and technology of all the centers for eye care. She is simply the very best there is in the eye care industry.

Ryan J.LASIK Patient

My experience at Carolina Cornea for LASIK surgery was great. I was extremely nervous, but Dr. Parker along with her staff made me feel at ease during the entire experience.

Cathy W.LASIK Patient

LASIK From Start to Finish

LASIK Procedure

LASIK is a laser procedure that reshapes the cornea to correct myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. After the eye is “numbed,” an ultrathin flap is created with a femtosecond laser, the flap is lifted, and a second laser reshapes the cornea to correct the refractive error, and the flap is then put back into position. LASIK takes under 20 minutes to do both eyes, and visual recovery is quick: commonly 20/20 the next day. Patients will typically return to work and normal activities the following day (except for swimming and hot tubs). They use lubricating eye drops as well as prescription eye drops for about 4 weeks after the LASIK procedure.

LASIK Technology

At Carolina Cornea and Laser Center your LASIK flap is created with our iFS® Advanced Femtosecond Laser. This laser uses an infrared beam of light to precisely separate tissue through a process called photodisruption. In this process, the focused laser pulses of the Intralase divide material at the molecular level with minimal transfer of heat or impact to the surrounding tissue. Femtosecond laser technology is highly advanced, and laser flaps can be made more safely than blade flaps, producing the best results with the least complications.

To change the shape of the cornea and correct your vision we use the iDesign® Refractive Studio. This tool uses topography-integrated, wavefront-guided technology to generate a super-precise map of a patient’s unique “optical fingerprint”—that is, the shape of the eye, combined with other aspects of the eye’s anatomy—to deliver a highly personalized LASIK procedure. Wavefront LASIK is the most technologically advanced software available, and Carolina Cornea is the only facility in Upstate South Carolina to offer this specific type of LASIK software.

Total Surgeon Care

At Carolina Cornea, we are committed to Total Surgeon Care because your safety and vision are our top priorities. Total Surgeon Care means the LASIK surgeon participates in your care at every visit from your preoperative evaluation, to the LASIK procedure, as well as all post-operative care. This higher level of care and professional service is preferred by many patients and ensures a higher standard of care with the surgeon actively involved with every aspect of their care.

Answering Your LASIK FAQ

Have questions about LASIK such as what is wavefront, how much does LASIK cost, and what are typical LASIK results? Find answers here, request an appointment, or reserve a spot at one of our seminars today!

Is LASIK Painful?

The good news is LASIK eye surgery is not painful and discomfort is minimal. Before the procedure, Dr. Parker places eye-numbing drops in your eyes, you may feel pressure, but not pain. After the procedure, visual recovery is quick: commonly 20/20 the next day

Does my insurance pay for LASIK?

For the most part, LASIK is not covered by health insurance plans. Please note, some employers may provide LASIK as an extra benefit to their employees, so it’s always good to check with your employer and your health plan. Check with your insurance company to find out what your plan may cover so you can be absolutely sure.

How much does LASIK cost?

LASIK costs $2,500 per eye – evaluation is free, price includes the procedure and follow-up for 1 year. Every month we have a pricing special. Please call our office to get this month’s special price. 864-286-3700.

How long do I have to be out of my soft contact lenses prior to LASIK surgery?

Two weeks. You will want to be out of your contact lenses a few days before your LASIK evaluation, but you will need to be out of your soft contact lenses at least 2 weeks before your LASIK procedure. Gas permeable contact lens wears need to be out of their lenses for at least 1 month – maybe longer. We check the curvature every 2 weeks in gas permeable wearers to determine when they are stable.

Is it necessary to attend one of Dr. Parker’s monthly seminars prior to my LASIK surgery?

No, but it’s helpful to hear the overview of the procedure, feel comfortable with Dr. Parker, and hear other people’s questions that you might not think about. Plus, you do receive a $200 gift certificate to be used toward the procedure.

I had a LASIK evaluation at another facility and this was performed by another doctor (not the LASIK surgeon). How does this differ from Carolina Cornea?

At Carolina Cornea and Laser Center, all of our LASIK patients receive their preoperative exam and all post-operative care by Dr. Parker. The Total Surgeon Care LASIK concept means that Dr. Parker, an experienced cornea specialist and LASIK surgeon, has thoroughly examined your eyes pre-operatively, and she also provides all of your post-operative care to ensure that all 3 steps of the procedure – preoperative evaluation, LASIK surgery, and post-operative care – are performed at the highest level to deliver your best vision. Dr. Parker is the only LASIK surgeon in the area who provides Total Surgeon Care LASIK for every patient.

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