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Summer’s here – and now is the time to think about protecting your vision from the harsh rays of the sun with stylish prescription glasses.

Carolina Cornea is the best place to buy prescription glasses in Greenville, including prescription sunglasses.

While most people remember to slather on the sunscreen before heading to the beach for the day, they don’t give much thought to how they shield their eyes. Even if the sun doesn’t bother your eyes, sunlight has damaging UV rays, making a good pair of sunglasses essential.

Most sunglasses provide some degree of UV protection, but if you really want sunglasses that are custom fit to your face with a high quality optical lens, it pays to have either of our two opticians help you. Both of our opticians have more than 25 years of experience. They can help you select the frames, and the sunglass lenses, that will work the best for you (polarized, transitional, etc.), and then custom fit the frames to your face. This type of service means that you have stylish sunglasses, including Rayban, Costa, and Maui Jim, that really fit, because a licensed optician has adjusted the frames the way only someone who knows what they are doing can. No more misfits!

Additionally, you may want lineless bifocal or prescription sunglasses. Again, our opticians can show you what frames will work with your prescription, feel the best on your face, and allow you to see your best.  

Don’t Forget The Kids

Not only do kids spend more time outdoors in the summertime than their parents, but their eyes are also more sensitive to harmful UV rays. Just like sun damage to your skin, sun damage to your eyes is cumulative over your lifetime, so get your kids in the habit of wearing sunglasses when they’re outdoors as soon as you are able. If your kids are resistant to the idea of wearing sunglasses while playing, get them to wear a baseball cap or any hat with a wide brim that will shield their eyes as an alternative protective measure.

Maintaining your vision is a lifelong endeavor. Choosing a quality pair of sunglasses to protect you from the Greenville, SC sun and a trusted ophthalmologist for regular eye exams should both be on your “To-Do” List for better vision this summer. Contact Us for an eye consultation today — Your Best Vision is Our Vision..

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